The term “bionics”, coined in 1958 by Jack E. Steele, represents the interface between technology and biology. This area of interdisciplinary research is one of growing interest for the general public, industry and researchers. Advances in preventative, restorative and assistive healthcare technologies depend on our ability to create seamless integration between humans and artificial materials. Key technologies at the forefront of this research include wearable health monitors, surgical implants, prosthetics & orthotics, mobility aids and rehabilitation devices. Exciting new uses of these technologies are primed to come online due to the imminent adoption of disrupting technologies such as high bandwidth wireless (5G) and rapid developments in cutting edge fields such as brain-machine interfaces and soft electronics. As the field evolves, close collaboration between scientists, engineers, clinicians and patients will lead to a new class of biohybrid technologies to form mixed natural-artificial systems. The Bionics Network develops technologies and partnerships that support this diverse and exciting field.