News and Spotlights

5 New Digital Technologies in Healthcare

March 25, 2019
Healthcare is undergoing dramatic change in the way care is delivered to patients. With information technology now prevalent across care settings, doors have been opened to the automation of hospital workflows, including billing, digital record management, and many areas where artificial intelligence (AI) can play a role, most notably in radiology. Combined with new wearable […]

Exploratory Workshop in Spinal Cord Injury and Bioengineering

January 8, 2019
Peter Wall Institute of Advanced Studies, UBC (Vancouver Campus) We were delighted to host our partners from the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute, Rick Hansen Institute and ICORD to engage in problem solving in the area of spinal cord injury. This resulted in new collaborations that bring together clinicians, engineers, scientists along with persons with […]

5 Bionic Devices Improving Lives Today

November 26, 2018
Bionic devices restore or augment the capabilities of human beings. In recent years we have seen many of these devices enter the market, including advanced prosthetic limbs, orthotic devices, wearables and assistive products like exoskeletons. To better understand the landscape of bionic products, we have made a short list of the most interesting recent developments […]

Research Cluster Exchange Day

October 6, 2018
Fred Kaiser Building, UBC (Vancouver Campus) On 1 October, Bionics Network hosted it’s first Cluster Exchange Day to further integrate Research Excellence Clusters at UBC. This event included talks by cluster leads, a poster session and technology demonstrations that represent cutting-edge advances in a variety of related fields. Attending the event were representatives from Bionics Network, Biomedical […]

The Next Generation of Bionic Devices

September 6, 2018
Inspired by the iconic scene of Luke Skywalker receiving an artificial hand in 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back, UBC is focusing on the future of bionics and the next generation of bio-integrated devices. Led by electrical and computer engineering professor Dr. John Madden, the newly-formed Bionics Network connects over two dozen principal investigators at UBC, […]

ET CMOS – Emerging Technologies Communications Microsystems Optoelectronics Sensors

May 11, 2018
ET CMOS Whistler, BC, Canada In our inaugural year, Bionics Network hosted its first collaborative workshop at ET CMOS in Whistler, BC, Canada, on Friday 11 May. There we engaged with collaborators in a cross-disciplinary discussion of the challenges and opportunities in the fields of Advanced Prosthetics and Soft Robotics, with specific interest in building a […]